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The NEMO DMC-8 Functions

• Selectable Sources - Instantly level-match all sources on the front panel for precise A-B comparisons

• Monitor your stereo buss output - better sounding than a standard monitor buss output

• Select two sets of speakers with trim control to balance levels of different speaker types


• Control room level • Mute • Mono • Dim control - all volume controls are precision-tracking

• Balanced XLR/ unbalanced TRS 1/4" Stereo Buss inputs

• Two 2-Track Balanced XLR inputs - 2 Track 1 • 2 Track 2

• 2-Track 3 - Stereo unbalanced RCA inputs for CD player, SACD, computer, etc.

• Retro-cool Analog VU meters - why they help make better mixing decisions

• Meter Range switch - set the best visual reference from tracking to mastering

EQ Magazine

Nautilus NEMO DMC-8 Discrete Monitor Controller


• Every audio source monitored is pure Discrete Class-A (not just a portion of the circuit)
- no VCAs - solid construction - no surface-mount parts - no "passive" cable-length degradation

• Reliable circuit - Over 10,000 SPA690 discrete blocks are already in use at major-name recording and mastering facilities

• Better-sounding XLR connections - preferred in mastering studios over TRS 1/4" balanced jacks

• Individual rear panel connectors accommodate superior-sounding audiophile interconnect cable

• Discrete Class-A Source-Select output - transformer balanced feed to external equipment

• Two balanced XLR analog stereo thru outputs to mixdown machines

• Selectable 2 Track 2 - 2 Track 3 XLR analog stereo thru output

• Easy connections to DAWS and analog consoles + headphone/talkback solutions now!

• Alignment test-tone CD included for set-up with any system

• Logic input for talkback dim control from future Nautilus equipment

• Switchable to non-US voltage - rear panel ground lift

Optional remote - The ANCHOR - Volume, Source-Selection, Spkr B, Talkback (ON and HOLD) + more

• High-end Virtual Dynamics audiophile power cable - valued at $365.00. (US & European plugs)

• Reveals subtle changes you make in cables, speakers, connectors, etc. High quality interconnects are strongly recommended!

EQ Magazine

"Pure, luscious analog tonality - wide, deep, rich sound quality."
-Mitch Gallagher - Sept. 2004
Tape Op Magazine
"It sounds pristine and it offers a function that other monitoring strips don't. The NEMO becomes a tool for making better mixing decisions."
-Andy Hong, Tape Op Magazine Gear Reviews Editor - Oct. '04
Mix Magazine
"[The DMC-8 is] like going to the optometrist for glasses... your vision is clearer."
- Grammy winning engineer, Erik Zobler (Dianne Reeves, George Duke,
Billy Cobham, Carlos Santana, etc. - Oct. '04
"Now that I've used it, I can't live without it. It makes A-B'ing actually possible."
-Scott Gordon - engineer for Alanis Morissette, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Baha Men
"WOW! Just amazing, my whole system has just notched up another level in professional sound quality. A brilliant unit ... the A-B comparison facilities and seamless switching is also fantastic. Now I have to upgrade my power amp to match the quality!"
Phil Harding - engineer for The Clash, Bananarama, Pet Shop Boys, Donna Summer, Boyzone
Chairman of the
MPG (Music Producers Guild Ltd)
"Makes a huge difference for getting your mix back on track - but my favorite thing is the way it sounds."
-Ryan Hafer - engineer for Dishwalla, Ambrosia, Da Da, Toni Childs
"The NEMO is very transarent and has improved depth-of-field which helped me improve my mixes.
The level-matching is the best - I have nothing but great things to say about it."

-Dr. John Shoffner - production, engineering - Georgia, USA

DMC-8 Suggested list price: $3,600.00
Shipping additional - California residents add sales tax
Rob Fraboni -
Nautilus DMC-8 client

• See how the DMC-8 connects with a Digital Audio Workstation

• See how the DMC-8 connects with an Analog Recording Console

• See how the DMC-8 connects with a CD Mastering System

• See the NEMO DMC-8 back panel and specifications

See an enlarged image of the DMC-8 front panel

See the Owner's Manual

Tips on super-effective A-B techniques

Talkback and headphone solutions now!

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