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NEMO DMC-8 Connections With a DAW


NEMO DMC-8 Connected to a digital audio workstation
See the DMC-8 Connected to an analog console
See the DMC-8 Connected to a CD Mastering system

In Addition:

• There are unbalanced inputs for the stereo buss of an all-in-one console/recorder like the Roland 1680's, Tascam or other units - as well as consoles with unbalanced or TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) connectors. When the unbalanced stereo buss connectors are used, the balanced connectors are disabled.

• The Source Select output can be connected to the DMC-2 (future release) which gives you independent level and mute for discrete control room headphone output. Additional sources may be connected to the DMC-2 which also allows an additional speaker selection, separate L-R mutes, monitor buss input, another source input, discrete stereo fader (upgrades a portion of the audio circuit in a console stereo buss or can be used as a separate volume control for any balanced source such as a Masterlink). Precision level controls and Nautilus' pristine discrete Class-A audio path ensures the highest quality sound.

• The Source Select output can be connected to any other external headphone distribution amplifier with level controls. This is a full-line-level output connection and must be connected only to another device with level controls. This is not meant for connection to any power amplifier that does not have level controls. It can be used (simultaneously with standard control room operations) to send audio to a speaker system in another room - but that other speaker system must have it's own volume controls. This is perfect if you have a consumer stereo system in a lobby or meeting room that can accept line level signals.

• The Dim Logic input allows dimming of monitors connected to the DMC-8 when a talkback "trigger" signal is enabled. When using a qualified technician, a console's dim command can be connected to the DMC-8 so that the monitors dim even when using a console's built-in talkback feature. Future Nautilus products will include talkback and studio headphone control that will interface with this unit.

• When not in use with a Digital Audio Workstation, the DMC-8 can accept the monitor buss output from a console. This enables the user to switch to a source selection (like "2 Track 1" - with the monitor buss connected) and solo on the board during tracking or mixing. Then when a more precise audio path is desired, simply switch back over to the Stereo Buss selector for the highest resolution signal.

• The DMC-8 is a very powerful tool for making level-matched comparisons. Listen to the sound of a "rendered" or "bounced" stereo file from a DAW and compare it with a Masterlink's analog or digital recording (without the "bounce" process). If you have a digital patch bay, you can send one digital signal to 2 sets of D-A converters and compare the sound. Check your previous mixes with your current mixes to be sure you like where the vocal level sits in your latest mix (every song has a "life" of it's own and can end up with different over-all levels, even though all the sounds and gain structures are relatively the same). Compare an analog tape deck (gotta love that) with a 96K or higher A-D converter-to-digital recorder.

• The DMC-8 is also a powerful mastering tool. While the individual level pots are not detented, they are precision-tracking and will stay in place if they are not tampered with. If you calibrate your outputs levels from different sources, you can compare your mastered product with other sources to examine the tonal and level differences. The discrete Class-A resolution sound speaks for itself (and problems associated with long cables and passive systems are not an issue).

• Nautilus offers an optional remote - the ANCHOR - with 4-source select functions, stationary and momentary talkback, dim, control room headphone output and mute. Email for further details.
• This unit has 6 dB pads for the Left and Right stereo buss inputs, as well as a pad for the RCA inputs.
• Balanced stereo buss thru outputs, balanced source select output, switchable voltages, rugged construction
• The DMC-8 is very powerful for increasing your sonic skills.

Always use the best cables possible to connect gear.

"We went through great expense to make sure that, even for the shortest runs, the [audio] wire is the best possible. It really is surprising the difference a cable can make."
-"Big Bass" Brian Gardner - Bernie Grundman Mastering
Users of high-end power cables include Grammy-winning producers Rick Ruben and Steven Epstein, mastering engineers Bob Ludwig and Doug Sax

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