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NEMO DMC-8 Connections for CD Mastering


NEMO DMC-8 connected to a CD Mastering System
See the DMC-8 Connected to a Digital Audio Workstation
See the DMC-8 Connected to an Analog Recording Console

In Addition:

• Nautilus offers an optional remote - the ANCHOR - with 4-source select functions, stationary and momentary talkback, dim, control room headphone output and mute. Email for further details.
• This unit has 6 dB pads for the Left and Right stereo buss inputs, as well as a pad for the RCA inputs.
• Balanced stereo buss thru outputs, balanced source select output, switchable voltages, rugged construction

Click here to read about super-effective A-B techniques.
Easy talkback and headphone control solutions.
Available soon -the COMMANDER
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Great commercial CD references


Nautilus Master Technology

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