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The Ultimate NEMO DMC-8 - COMMANDER and DMC-2 Connection


Nautilus COMMANDER - DMC-8 - DMC-2

Shown above:
• Sum 12 channels to discrete stereo buss with returns and insert
• Aux source input for level-matched A-B comparisons
• Versitile stereo buss insert functions
NEMO DMC-8 (now shipping)
• Stereo buss input, two stereo buss thru's to analog and Masterlink mixdown machines
• Two balanced inputs from analog machine and Masterlink outputs
• RCA inputs from CD player
• Source Select output to DMC-2 for independent headphone control
• Speaker A ouput to main control room speaker amplifier
• Speaker B output to DMC-2 speaker network
NEMO DMC-2 (future release)
• Discrete fader provides volume control for DAT machine outputs
• Balanced aux source input
• Discrete control room headphone output
• Separate L-R source-on selection
• Two additional sets of speaker outputs


Always use the best cables possible to connect gear.

"We went through great expense to make sure that, even for the shortest runs, the wire is the best possible. It really is surprising the difference a cable can make."
-"Big Bass" Brian Gardner - Bernie Grundman Mastering

Nautilus Master Technology

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