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Remote unit for the NEMO DMC-8
• P r e l i m i n a r y I n f o r m a t i o n •

Nautilus Master Technology announces the ANCHOR remote control unit designed for use with the discrete Class-A NEMO DMC-8 monitor controller. (DMC-8 required.) The ANCHOR uses all analog circuits and connections between the two units so that no VCA's or other digitally controlled amplifiers will compromise the high resolution sound of the DMC-8.


• Control room monitor level with precision pot and large knob

• Four source selections
- Stereo Buss - 2 Track 1 - 2 Track 2 - 2 Track 3

• Speaker B selection

• Headphone ON with precision-tracking level trim

• Talkback ON (stationary) and HOLD (momentary switching)

• XLR input for a talkback microphone - giving versatile placement if the user wants better communication than a typically distant sounding built-in board mic.

• Lite dim control for separate rear-mounted Littlite gooseneck lighting (pictured below)

• Heavy-duty construction - conveniently sized

• Output jack for headphones and a hand-held producers talkback button

Connections on the back of the unit network with the DMC-8 as well as the Nautilus COMMUNICATOR headphone controller (currently being developed). Nautilus utilizes a high quality mic-pre in the headphone module - giving pleasant sound that is not typical of talkback circuits.

The ANCHOR is comfortable to operate and compact, making it easy to place in any home, pro or mastering studio. The mastering technology philosophy of Nautilus ensures that high quality cabling is used to keep all analog signals sounding their best.

Price and availability to be announced


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