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Discrete Class-A Mixing and Audio Monitoring Products for use in Pro Recording Studios, Home Studios, Mastering Studios


The Nautilus Master Technology COMMANDER Functions

• Improve your mixes by utilizing your prized analog compressors, eq's, reverbs, DDL's, virtual synths etc.

• Instantly and accurately do level-matched A-B comparisons with external 2 track, CD player, prior mixes, etc. by utilizing the stereo Source "B" balanced XLR/TRS input with front panel control.

• Highest resolution sound for stereo analog summing or front-end mic-channel mixing of 12 inputs

• 8 XLR/TRS inputs with pan & mute, 4 Additional inputs for stereo effects returns or additional channels

• Individual stereo L - R mutes - Mono function follows the mutes for better listening evaluations

• Versatile stereo insert 4-way selectivity - can be enabled for the mix section and/or the Source B input

• Precision pan and mute on 8 balanced inputs brings back "live" feel to once-set always-set computers

• Smooth, continuous stereo fader tracking via large knob for real-time fade outs - no stepped detents

• True RMS VU metering gives you see a more complete view of your signal level and dynamics

COMMANDER discrete Class-A analog summing mixer

The COMMANDER inspires ideas - it's not just a connection device.


• Discrete Class-A - minimal circuit path - solid construction - no surface-mount parts - no "passive" cable-length degradation

• 12 Analog inputs - can be configured numerous ways:

8 balanced XLR/TRS with front panel pan & mute

4 unbalanced XLR/TRS dedicated L-R position

Use as 4 additional channel inputs

Use for two stereo outboard effects returns

Use to receive two Nautilus discrete Class-A expansion modules for up to 36 inputs

• Two sets of balanced XLR analog stereo outputs to mixdown machine and monitor path

• Ultra-high reliability circuit - Over 10,000 SPA690 discrete blocks now being used in major-name recording facilities

• Retro Analog VU meters - why they help make better mixing decisions

• Switchable to non-US voltage

• Meter Range switch - more visual adaptability over variable dynamic ranges

• Individual rear panel connectors accomodate superior-sounding audiophile interconnect cable

• High-end Virtual Dynamics audiophile power cable - valued at $365.00. (US and European plugs)

See how it connects as a DAW Discrete Class-A summing buss

See how it connects in the ultimate COMMANDER - DMC-8 - DMC-2 configuration

Limited Availability following Winter AES Show '04
Suggested list price: $3,995.00 - Direct price: $3,500.00

Inquiries invited - Email to Pre-Order Direct
Important: When emailing, please use the words "Nautilus Gear" in the subject title of your email in order to ensure that your message goes by any spam filter in place. Thank you!
"The Top Ten 2004 Winter NAMM Wrap"
By Barry Rudolph - in
Pro Sound Web

Pro Sound Web

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• The NEMO DMC-2 advanced monitoring functions

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