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The Nautilus Master Technology COMMANDER Functions

• Discrete Class-A design gives you the highest resolution sound for stereo mixing of 12 inputs

Open up and add richness to digital mixing by summing in the analog domain

Enjoy latency-free use of your prized analog compressors, eq's, reverbs, DDL's, virtual synths etc.

Ideal for mastering studios who accept stems (stereo sub-groups) to optomize client's source

Hands-on console-style functions add ease to tracking sessions/mastering sessions

• Instantly and accurately do level-matched A-B comparisons with other sources by utilizing the stereo Source "B" balanced XLR/TRS input with front panel control. Ideal for comparing a stereo mix (Source B path) with stems (main mix path).

• 8 XLR/TRS inputs with pan & mute, 4 Additional inputs for stereo effects returns or additional channels

• Individual stereo L - R mutes - Mono function follows the mutes for better listening evaluations

• Versatile stereo insert 4-way selectivity - can be enabled for the mix section and/or the Source B input

• Precision pan and mute on 8 balanced inputs brings back "live" feel to once-set always-set computers

• Smooth, continuous stereo fader tracking via large knob for real-time fade outs - no stepped detents or audio clicks

• VU metering gives you see a more complete view of your signal level and dynamics

Mix Certified Hit Product
COMMANDER discrete Class-A analog summing mixer

The COMMANDER inspires ideas - it's not just a connection device.
See the review in the May Issue of Mix!


• Discrete Class-A - minimal circuit path - solid construction - no surface-mount parts - no "passive" cable-length degradation

• 12 Analog inputs - can be configured numerous ways:

8 balanced XLR/TRS inputs with front panel pan & mute

4 unbalanced XLR/TRS inputs with dedicated L-R position - several useful applications:

Use as 4 additional L-R channel inputs

Use as two stereo outboard effects returns

Use to accept two additional Commanders for up to 32 inputs - future expansion units planned

• Two sets of balanced XLR analog stereo outputs to mixdown machine and monitor path

• Ultra-high reliability circuit - Over 10,000 SPA690 discrete blocks now being used in major-name recording facilities

• Stereo buss insert can be enabled across the mix path or the Source B path

• Retro Analog VU meters - why they help make better mixing decisions

• Switchable to non-US voltage - rear panel ground lift

• Meter Range switch - more visual adaptability over variable dynamic ranges

• Individual rear panel connectors accomodate superior-sounding audiophile interconnect cable

• High-end Virtual Dynamics audiophile power cable - valued at $365.00. (US and European plugs)

See specs and back panel connections

See a large image of the front panel

See how it connects as a DAW Discrete Class-A summing buss

See how it connects in the ultimate COMMANDER - DMC-8 - DMC-2 configuration

Suggested list price: $3,995.00

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By Barry Rudolph - in
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