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Headphone-Talkback Module for the NEMO DMC-8
• P r e l i m i n a r y I n f o r m a t i o n •

The COMMUNICATOR connects with the Nautilus NEMO DMC-8 monitor controller and the ANCHOR remote control. The unit's discrete Class-A circuit gives you the highest resolution signal to the in-studio headphone amplification - plus providing amazing headphone sound at mix time. Flexible speaker switching and talkback controls extend the functions of the DMC-8 - which supports accurate sound that translates to the real world.

The unit is equipped with an XLR/TRS mic input for versatile placement of a separate talkback microphone for better communication than a typically distant-sounding console mic. Nautilus utilizes a high quality mic pre - giving a pleasant sound not usually found in most talkback controllers.


• Smooth and revealing discrete Class-A headphone pre-amp output for highest resolution sound

• Headphone feed is assignable to either studio or control room phones for mixing or monitoring of musicians mix

• Headphones have separate L - R mutes (source ON) followed by mono for versatile functions

Reduce headphone leakage during vocal sessions where only one side of the headphones is used

Position either Left or Right into center listening postion

At mixdown, listen to either Left or Right side in center - revealing each side with non-shifting orientation

• Speaker select ion- Control room Speaker 1, Speaker 2 or both at once

• Two sets of speakers extends monitor options of the DMC-8, or enables simultaneous control-studio monitor playback

• Flexible and revealing separate L - R speaker mutes (source ON)

• Mono follows L - R mutes - listen to either Left or Right side in center - revealing each side with non-shifting orientation

• Talkback ON (latching) and HOLD (momentary) - networks with ANCHOR (separate) remote

• Separate TRS connector for hand-held producer's talkback button

• Logic connects with DMC-8 to dim monitor output on talkback command

Precision-tracking pots and highest quality components (no surface-mounted parts)

Price and availability to be announced

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