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Connect The DMC-8 to Consoles, Headphone Control and Recorders


Nautilus monitoring equipment - first and formost - is designed to give you the highest sonic resolution and level-matching control. We've centralized these features for recording and mastering studios into the DMC-8, and then put the headphone/talkbalk features into a separate unit - the COMMUNICATOR (future release). Most of our recording studio clients already have headphones, mic pre's, eq's etc. in place, and connect the DMC-8 as illustrated below:

Easy console connections: Use the Stereo Buss Thru outputs into 2 channels of your console. Now return the console mix via the "2 Track 2" input and use the console's talkback/headphone as before. The Stereo Buss Thru is an uninterrupted mult of the D-A's signal - you can select any source on the DMC-8 and the signal going to the console does not change.

Talkback/headphone solutions with future Nautilus headphone module - the COMMUNICATOR.

Connect with a stand-alone digital recorder via analog or digital. Connect your DAW to D-to-A converters - take the analog outputs into the DMC-8 Stereo Buss inputs. Connect the Stereo Buss Thru's to the analog inputs of your stand-alone digital recorder. Monitor the outputs of the digital recorder via "2 Track 1" inputs.

Connect with a digital recorder with a stereo processor in the audio chain. Connect your DAW to D-to-A converters in the same way as above, but with a stereo processor inserted in the audio path, you can now hear both the original signal from your DAW and the final recorded sound from your digital recorder.

Connect using analog summing into a digital recorder. This configuration utilizes the COMMANDER summing mixer's dual pair of stereo buss analog outputs - one pair to the DMC-8, the other to the Masterlink. Use the insert in-out on the COMMANDER to hear the effect of your stereo processor.


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Talkback and headphone solutions now!

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