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                 The Nautilus Master Technology COMMANDER

Discrete Class-A 12 channel stereo mixer
is for DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) users who want better sound by summing in the analog domain. Versatile uses include front-end mic-channel mixing, latency-free hardware processor usage, hands-on mastering console style functioning. Precise level-matching A-B features can help mixes translate more accurately to consumer systems. Perfect for mastering studios who accept and optimize stems.

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Mix Hit
COMMANDER discrete Class-A analog summing mixer
"...a depth, width and clarity that surpassed what I was used to hearing. Once I heard this sound, there was
no way I was going to send this box back."
-Erik Zobler, mixing engineer, Mix Magazine May 2005

The Nautilus Master Technology NEMO DMC-8

Discrete Class-A monitor controller is for DAW and analog console users alike.  Not just a source-switcher, but a creative tool that can increase your sonic perspective so your mixes translate more accurately to consumer systems. The highest sonic resolution and instant level-matching A-B features give the mastering edge to any studio.

Thank you for visiting. We are only taking custom orders at this time.

EQ Magazine
Nautilus NEMO DMC-8 Class-A discrete monitor controller
"I felt like my monitor system had undergone an upgrade, it sounds that good."

-Mitch Gallagher - EQ Magazine Sept. 2004

Mix Magazine
Oct. 2004 issue

"[Compared to 2 major-manufacturer consoles], the DMC-8 demonstrated an increased clarity, width, and depth of field... showing me a more accurate picture of my mix."
- Grammy winning engineer, Erik Zobler (Dianne Reeves, George Duke, Carlos Santana, etc.)
Tape Op Magazine
"How does the NEMO sound? Impeccable...extremely enlightening and provided me with immediate feedback on how to (and how not to) balance my mix."
-Andy Hong, Tape Op Magazine Gear Reviews Editor - Oct. 2004

"... just put in a [commercial] CD, see what it is you like about the CD and go for it."
-Stephen Marcussen - EQ magazine interview

" can help to put up records that you like, compare them whilst you're working and try to copy the sound. I've done that."
-Tom-Lord Alge

"[To improve your mixes]...listen to some [commercially available CDs] that you know to be mixed really well --try to memorize how they sound, then try to mimic that sound in your mixes."
-Bruce Kaphan - Recording Magazine. October 2004

Nautilus Master Technology is founded by mastering engineer, John Vestman whose philosophy is to integrate mastering technology into recording studio equipment. While the functional design and appearance is distinctly Vestman's, all electronic and mechanical design is by Steve Firlotte, of Inward Connections in conjunction with John Hall (who's legacy dates to the early days of Langevin).
© Copyright 2004 John Vestman

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