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People ask me, "With possibly thousands of feet of wiring before the juice hits a piece of gear, how can the last 6 feet make any difference whatsoever?" The answer is.... it's like a garden hose. You can have thousands of gallons of water pressure for miles, but the nozzle at the end of the hose determines how much water comes out! Right next to the piece of gear is where you want CLEAN AC, not garabagy stuff full of noise and restriction.

So what does it sound like? The more advanced a power cord you have, the more you'll hear the top end speak out. The bottom end goes lower, it's better defined and musical. You'll hear the kic drum more distinctly, and you'll even hear the end (release) of the kic drum better. You'll hear more separation between the instruments. The "black" (silence) of digital becomes cleaner. The L-R image will be wide and more solid. If your monitors have good resolution, the difference spans from "nice" to "WOW!" The better your monitors are, the more profound will be the comparison.

"The difference is immediately noticeable and astounding.... even more noticeable on speakers than on [stereo buss processors]. Anywhere you put them, it helps. Power cords are the filters of the future. You'll pick the cord according to tailor the sound you want. Something as simple as putting in a [high-end] power cable - why wouldn't you do it?" -Scott Gordon - engineer for Alanis Morriset, Ringo Star, Aerosmith, Baha Men, dada, etc.

"Wow! It's hard to believe that something this dramatic has been ignored for so long. I wanted to say 'Why haven't we discussed this before? It's so basic.' I hate to be cliché, but the veil was lifted. It was like the camera was out of focus, but with the cable, it came into focus. Everything seemed to open up - on a soft passage, you could not only hear the verb, you could hear the tail. On hard rock, the wall of sound actually had some windows in it." -Francis Buckley - Grammy Award for "Q's Jook Joint" with Quincy Jones, plus The Pointer Sisters, Paula Abdul, Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill", Aerosmith, etc.

Here's the cord that's included with the NEMO DMC-8 and the COMMANDER. It's super heavy duty, clean sounding, and the DMC-8 has a strain relief built into the unit so attachment is secure. This cable comes with full state-of-the-art Cryogenic Freezing treatment. The Hubbell male cord end and the Schurter IEC are the same found on popular $1,500.00+ power cords. It features very high current carrying capabilities. Made by Virtual Dynamics, the Power One has their "Speed Of Light" technology., 4 layers of shielding, Hubbell male receptacle, Schurter IEC, Level 1 Dynamic Filtering, ProTecX Treatment, and Cryogenic Treatment. It is recommended for use anywhere, even large demanding power amps.

Power One - great to use on:

• Multitrack machines (analog or DAW)
• All-in-one channel-modules, Compressor, mic pre's, etc.
• A-D & D-A converters, CD players, power amps

Look for warmer, more solid vocals, fatter more immediate electric and acoustic guitars, kick, fat snare sounds, big synths, warm and detailed reverbs and more.

Unit Price: $365.00 for 6 feet - includes free shipping! Email Nautilus to order or go directly to Virtual Dynamics, but wouldn't you rather have free shipping (in the US or Canada)?

"John showed me both the power cords and the amp weights - it sounded hocus pocus to begin with (I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it myself). Certainly the clarity and bottom end of the mix we heard became more apparent... as well as the highs. In before-and--after listening the difference in definition was unbelievable." -Rob Perez- independent engineer, recording and mixing for Warner Bros On-line Live Concert Series artists include: Sting, Beck, Cold Play, Amy Mann and more.

Here's another cord that sounds great and is very flexible. I know it looks different, but the sonic difference is superb. Not to be trampled on or ceaselessly plugged and unplugged - excellent if you have a slanted rack where a heavier cable might come out just from sheer weight.

Often, you get what you pay for in many cases, but the ones here give you the more bang for the buck than any others I've tried. I listened to power cords by MIT, Kimbercable, PS Audio, Most Power, Virtual Dynamics and more. You'll hear a difference or your money back.

Unit Price: $165.00 with free shipping in the US! - 4.5 feet email Nautilus to order. I customize this cable so that it's more durable than pictured here, hence a slightly higher cost over the stock version which you can also purchase elsewhere - but wouldn't you rather have it studio-ready and free shipping?

Here's the weird part. Your gear is accustomed to that old chaotic 120 volts and it adjusts sympathetically to that grunge and performs in a compromised way. When you plug in a great cable, the electronics "warm up" to a more pure stream of current, and the gear starts to "sing" more and respond with better, more effortless articulation.

When I stepped up to these simple, low-profile power strips I shocked 3 other engineers who heard what it did to an Avalon 737SP all-in-one tube unit. It made the top end cleaner and less restricted and it wasn't subtle. Now keep in mind folks, my monitors are very revealing, but even on a modest system, you'll hear an improvement that translates to the real world.

Part of the sound comes from the power strip's superb polymer - the same that's used in the very best audiophile caps. Combined with the proprietary Double Helix wires, it's a great upgrade for your studio, or your money back.

Price: Still affordable at $210.00 including US shipping - 4.5 feet email Nautilus to order, but wouldn't you rather have free shipping from me? ...and remember, the cost of this item is slightly higher than elsewhere because I customize it to be more durable for studio use.

My line of pro audio recording products comes with the Power One by Virtual Dynamics. Another cable I recommend is the Power Three - more affordable, but ultra heavy duty, so be sure your gear placement will accommodate this cable that is sure to last a lifetime.

Power One High-End Cable

High-end workmanship and materials, ProTecX six-ring carbon coating's, solder free termination and Earth ground dielectric, This is a great starter high-end cable that betters other brands that sell for twice the price!

It features very high current carrying capabilities. Power 3 is recommended for use anywhere, even large demanding power amps.

14 gauge solid core copper conductor, 4 layers of shielding, Hubbell male receptacle, Schurter IEC, Level 1 Dynamic Filtering, ProTecX Treatment, Cryogenic Treatment

Price: $195.00 with free shipping to US or Canada - 6 feet email Nautilus to order

"I never would have thought that changing a power cord on an Avalon 737 would have changed the sound as much as it did. When John put in the high-end cord, a veil was lifted - the top end seemed to clear up and go higher- the bottom end was considerably less muddy - an incredible difference. In the next [blind] A-B test, I heard additional differences - the low tightened up and mids became clearer. I was shocked when I found out that John was placing brass weights on top of the power amp." -Ryan Hafer - freelance engineer, mixer for Ambrosia, Toni Childs, Dishwalla, dada, Dick Dale and more.

Want the cream of the crop for your most important pieces? Enter Virtual Dynamics Nite Series power cord. This puppy is heavy, somewhat rigid, but man does it sound great. I have this on my power amp, and while I thought it took about 4 days to "break in" (or "cook" as some call it) - but it was really the power amp itself sweetening with the improved-quality alternating current. (New cables, speakers and gear all need "break in" time to settle into their sound.)

This cord definitely has the added width, clarity and purity of highs, even more extended bottom end, but it also has a very defined mid-bottom. Perfect for a warm, high-resolution sound for vocal mic pre's (think rock-solid drum sounds, full articulate guitars, bass direct boxes, etc.). It will add solidity and articulation to your console as if you re-capped it and upgraded the chips. Transients speak well and the whole sound is more emotional. Custom lengths can be ordered.

Quality, integrity, craftsmanship and the finest materials are combined to deliver a product that is unlike anything you have ever heard! Die Cut to .01 mil .00001 of a inch 99.95% pure "Tough Pitch" refined copper and meeting specs for A.S.T.M. assuring conductivity of pure oxygen-free copper with Enhanced Cryogenics.

Nite is for serious recordists who want the best audio cable in the world. Customers have reported dramatic lowering of heat dissipation and lower measurements of power consumption. This cable is so efficient, so low in resistance and so able to remove the friction that causes distortion that it is in a league of its own. Images of detail and emotion that were lost are now unveiled.

Price: $995.00 including US or Canadian shipping - 5 feet email to order.

Here are more sound enhancement products for great sound that I use in the mastering room!

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