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Coming in Mid-2005
• The NEMO DMC-5 - A monitor & talkback controller includes VU meters and in-studio headphone capabilities.
• Monitor your stereo buss, two (2) 2-Track returns and separate monitor-buss-input with
level-matching controls.
• Monitor features include separate L-R source-on, mono, stereo buss outputs.
• The headphone section includes four selectable inputs to studio phones, mono, separate L-R mutes and talkback functions.
• The headphone section includes separate level controls for studio and discrete headphone output
• Includes a
high-end power cord.
Nautilus NEMO DMC-5 Monitor/Headphone Controller
See how it connects with studio gear

Release date to be announced
• The NEMO DMC-1 - A Discrete Monitor Controller in 1 rack-space with unparalleled sound and A-B functionality.
• Contains the same high-resolution circuit path as the DMC-8 in the most economical configuration possible
• Select inputs from your stereo buss (w/pad) and two (2) 2-Track Returns with
level-matching control.
• Control room output to speakers, separate L-R source-on, mono, dim.
• Sends stereo buss outputs to two 2-Track machines, plus one-button dub-to-2-Track function
• Includes a high-end power cord.

See how it connects with studio gear

Release date to be announced
• The NEMO DMC-2 Compliments the DMC-1 functions and has stand-alone features.
• Offers a discrete Class-A control room headphone output, as well as a separate discrete stereo fader and advanced switching options.
• Used in conjunction with the DMC-8 or the DMC-1, it adds monitor buss input, stereo fader input and source select input with
level-matching control.
• Control monitor functions add separate L-R source-on and speaker A & B select. • Discrete headphones include mute and separate source select.
• In stand-alone mode, this unit offers the flexible Nautilus A-B monitoring, a separate stereo fader circuit and discrete headphone output, and it includes a high-end power cord.

See how it connects:
As an extension module for the DMC-1
As an extension module for the DMC-8
• As a stand-alone unit for A-B functions, discrete headphone ouput, speaker A-B select
Used with a DMC-1 to upgrade any analog console stereo master fader, discrete headphone, speaker A-B
• In the ultimate COMMANDER - DMC-8 - DMC-2 configuration


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